Porter Diagnostic Learning Assessment

Vnaya guarantees that the few minutes you spend taking this assessment will give you the power to improve your child’s ability to learn and change your child’s life forever.

About Porter Diagnostic Learning Assessment

This comprehensive assessment is made up of 20 checklists each with 10 descriptions of specific learning behaviors

Complete each by reading each description and checking one of the boxes as it relates to your child. If you are not sure, make a good guess. The overall pattern of results matters more than responses to individual descriptions.

Don’t spend too long thinking about each description, you know your child and how he or she behaves, but do take it seriously as the results can effect your child’s future.

You may find similar descriptions in different checklists. This is not a mistake. Some learning behaviors relate to more than one skill.

If you want to know more about how and why this diagnostic learning assessment is unique check out this link - What makes The Porter Diagnostic Assessment special?

When you have completed the assessment the results will be sent to you automatically. Read the report carefully, it is unique to your child and provides you with valuable information you can use to lead your child to success in school.